Use Sunny Brite to easily remove hard water stains, rust stains,
and water rings from a variety of surfaces!!
Use Sunny Brite Classic to clean:

White porcelain sinks, urinals or toilet bowls

Fiberglass boats, golf carts, or showers

Sunny Brite Classic contains powerful acids and can
etch glass

DO NOT use Sunny Brite Classic on windows or glass as
etching can occur
Sunny Brite is available at Ace Hardware and
other fine hardware and janitorial supply

If you don't see it, ask for it!  
Use Sunny Brite II to clean:

Windows, auto glass, shower doors & tub enclosures

Stainless steel sinks

Chrome wheels and fixtures

Any surface that might be damaged by Sunny Brite Classic
We have a country home where the water leaves orange stains all over everything. I
have tried many products to remove the iron orange stains off the shower to no avail.
With Sunny Brite the stain disappears faster than I can apply it.
Last week I tried it on the aluminum siding on our mobile. It took off 30 years of stain.
I wish it came in a bigger bottle. This stuff is amazing!

I love this stuff!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!  I have been trying to remove black
scuffmarks and water stains from my fiberglass tub for over 10 years!!! Have tried
every product on the market. I AM IN LOVE with your product. Thank you so much. MY
tub looks BRAND NEW!!!!!  

The most wonderful product I have EVER used!

The only product I have found that, after testing at least 5 other products, did what it
claimed to do. Yours was the only one that worked as it claimed and my textured
fiberglass tub is clean and "Sunny Brite".  It is a miracle product!

After several other products failed Sunny Brite worked great! Is Sunny Brite available
in larger sizes?  

I have tried everything to get hard water spots off the shower enclosure. We bought
the house 2 years ago and the spots were there then. They are ALL gone. Fabulous

We bought a home that had awful hard water stains in the showers that had been
there for years. This product was the ONLY thing that took hard water stains off our
fiberglass shower floor. I will definitely buy this again; it certainly was a lot cheaper
than buying new shower stalls. Not for glass, there's a Sunny Brite II for that.
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